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Parenting in Politics seeks to provide information, resources, and support for women and men who balance public service with parenting. Although we strive to remain nonpartisan, many issues that are important to parenting and public service lean Democratic, so this blog may sometimes appear to have a Democratic slant. 


Parenting in Politics was started by Dr. Amy Bacharach, who successfully ran for local office while pregnant and then with a newborn. She served as a Trustee on the San Francisco Community College Board, and has been an elected Assembly District Delegate to the California Democratic Party since 2011. She has been a leader in the women's community in San Francisco. Amy is a mom to two tiny humans and is incredibly grateful for her amazing, supportive spouse. 


Amy is a graduate of Emerge California, which, with Emerge America affiliates in many states and other organizations, has done a great job at recruiting and training women to run for office. Once women are in office, however, there are minimal resources or support for balancing the duties of elected office with parenting. Parenting in Politics is meant to fill that need. Of course, many men are bucking gender norm stereotypes and also struggle to balance their own political life with being an active parent. This blog is for all people--women and men--who are seeking to balance their public service with their family life.  


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